Microphone Test

Microphone Test

If you have a computer and internet connection then you would have talked to your friends and family members so many times using a microphone. Do you know how would you conduct microphone test if it is causing problems for you? A microphone is device which works electromechanically using vibration in order to make electrical signals comparative to the vibration a kind of air pressure wave. If you go to the market or search online, you will find multiple types of microphones for example old condensers or piezoelectrics and each of them needs to have microphone test.

Here I want to suggest you one thing, before buying any microphone, you should get it tested at the shop you are buying your microphone from if possible. It the shopkeeper is not offering this service, do microphone test at your home so that you can immediately get it replaced to avoid any problems other day. If your microphone is not working properly then what is the use of having one. That is why learn microphone test and enjoy your conversation. You can adjust sound quality of your microphone according to your requirements and needs.

To do the microphone test, microphone should be installed joining it to the computer through the cable provided. There are some types of microphone having just plug and play features but there are still some instructions which must be followed. Go to the start button situation on the computer desktop to test your computer microphone and then click on start. Go to the “all programs”, select “accessories”. Here click on “entertainment” folder and select “sound recorder”. Once you click it, you swill see a small box appearing on your screen having "sound--sound recorder".

Observe sound recorder carefully, there will be a recorder box having a red button on the lower right side; this button should be pushed to start your microphone test. To start your microphone test, say something here in your normal voice. You are not supposed to say anything directly into the microphone, communicate usually. If the microphone understands your tone, there will be a green line moving and changing it shape inside the recorder box. Once your microphone test is over, push the black button. If you want to rewind the voice track, press two black arrows and then push play. Now check the voice quality by listening to the voice track. If you are satisfied with the voice quality, you can start using your computer microphone.

You must know and understand microphone test because microphone is generally used in different compliances such as public address system, telephones, concerts, radio station and televisions. You know microphones are also used to make people hear when there is any danger or they are caught in disasters. Most of the rescuers take help of microphones to look for survivors. Now you can understand the importance and significance of microphone and necessary microphone test is. If you want to know more about microphones, you can search online.